College Shopping Beyond Freshman Year

Freshman year dorm shopping was stressful but we relied on the list from Bed Bath and Beyond and lots of coupons and deals.  Sophomore year, however, we are winging it and everything is a possible purchase.

Sophomore year at my son’s University usually means a move from the dorms to off-campus housing.  Such is our situation as we try to outfit a quasi-furnished 5-bedroom apartment which has, frankly, more amenities than our current home.

But I digress.

It turned out that Bed Bath and Beyond was the ideal solution even without a list for the second year to guide us. How you ask? Simply because the store is laid out like rooms in your house, allowing us to tackle apartment acquisitions methodically.

This lay-out is a dream when shopping with a teen boy. Unlike on Amazon, he does not get sidetracked typing in miscellaneous stuff like “Cheap Nike Shoes” in the search bar or the discount store experience where the disorganization of finding a stray left boot and a shirt thrown in with the bedding makes them lose interest.

My linear son thrived in the organization of the aisles.

Flush with the dream of cooking, he headed straight for the kitchenwares.  I followed, anchored by the reality that his vision of whipping up delicacies in his sleek kitchen was totally unrealistic.  We analyzed his current skills and bought a frying pan, sauce pans (one small and one large) a few large spoons and a spatula.  We were building on what he was stealing from our kitchen and starting very small. If he turned out to be Julia Child, then he could buy anything he wanted later, closer to campus.

I anticipated that the bedding was going to be our biggest challenge. With Full XL beds, we could opt for either the Queen sets or try and find a Full XL he liked online.  We had seen many on the BB&B website but he likes to touch them and check the weight and feel. In store, we were able to unzip some bags and do just that until, like Goldilocks, he found one that was just right.

Miraculously, last year’s towels survived so we needed only throw rugs for his bathroom and some organizational and cleaning things for that and his room. Done and done. And I even picked up a few items for the kids’ bathroom at home which needed serious attention as well.

With a full cart, we took the time to browse wall hangings and more decorative items, but even the excellent selection could not interest this boy. His decorating style will continue to be American Flag with school mascot accents at least for this year.  Sigh.

I braced myself at the register, but with careful selection and our trusty 20% off mailer, we were right in budget. This means I can wave around the receipt in front of my financial genius husband when we get home and gloat (priceless experience btw).

I had steeled myself for this outing, not knowing how to shop economically and efficiently for such a large space. Well, I needn’t have worried. It turns out Bed Bath and Beyond had us covered well past freshman year.

Now. If we could just arrange an in-store tutorial on actually using the toilet bowl brush we bought…


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Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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