Day 8, 2014

paint hat

I am not handy. At all.

Not much of a confession as confessions go, but true nonetheless.

I am the slacker person who ends up with a lot of nuts and bolts left over after a project. In such situations, I have, for example, elected to live with one drawer because I can’t figure out how to get the second one on the track.

I rationalize know that this deficiency makes me more adaptable. My creativity shines when I do things like use the space where the drawer should have been as a shelf instead.

Voila! Zero to hero.

I mean, anyone can put together a piece of furniture with directions and tools and hardware. But I bet I am the only person you know who can whistle the entire theme from the “Andy Griffith Show” from start to finish.


Everyone has talents. Don’t judge.

However, I still thanked sweet baby Jesus was relieved when it became apparent that all of my children are fairly mechanical. And they are boys to boot, so they can put things together for me and then carry them where they need to be.

This combination of male brawn and ingenuity came into play yesterday when the back fence needed to be painted.

I had been threatening telling the boys for days not to make any plans for the weekend because they were all expected to help paint.

Because my husband has been burned by my botched attempts in the past, my involvement in the project was limited to the following:

-finding the clothes they wore the last time they painted

-making lunch

-bringing cold water

-staring out the window waiting for it all to fall apart my time to help

I was not able to find one article of paint-stained clothing despite running across them at least 100x over the summer. So, I just unearthed shorts from some long-forgotten sports team and an old t-shirt for everyone. They had not even begun painting and I was exhausted.

To regain my strength, I watched an episode of “Beach Front Bargains.” Big mistake. Just made me want to be back at the beach relaxing. Not doing the 5000 things on my to-do list.

So, I procrastinated—the gene I got in spades- a little more by taking out a jug of water and cups. Drew and his dad were actually painting. Mac and Reed had set up lawn chairs in the garage and were kicking a ball around.

Since I knew the goal was to teach the value of child labor hard work, I was not sure about the logic of this arrangement with only one kid actually suffering working. I really, really wanted to nag help by pointing out that once the boys were distracted, they were hard to wrangle.

But I didn’t want him to feel like an amateur, so my mouth remained closed. I think I drew blood from biting back my words. The men We had drawn up the boundaries of responsibility and I was relegated to the inside looking outside.

I was now on par with the dog who was banned from the yard and clearly as miffed as I was.

By the time I brought out lunch some two hours later, it looked like the Clampetts had settled in the garage. Two soccer balls, a huge container of pretzels (with a few pretzels smashed on the floor), cups and all three boys completely covered in paint made for quite an “I told you so” a spectacle.

**See picture of Drew’s hat which was on his head the entire time and does not really show the scope of the paint on the back of the cap as well. **

I am not sure if any paint actually made it onto the fence but I didn’t hear any cursing correcting and the fence did look better so who am I to silently judge interfere?

So it seems that letting one or two boys have squatters’ rights a break in the garage made everyone more productive.

It also seems as if my husband was just fine thank-you-very-much without my superior attitude advice.

Seeing that they could work so well together, even if it was not the way that I would have engineered it, might just teach me a lesson come in handy for me in the future.


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Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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