Day 3, 2014

After 9 hours in the car over a 24-hour period driving to a reunion and the beach, I have listened to a lot of music on Satellite radio. Mostly music of my children’s choosing.

It has me very worried.

Most of us Baby Boomers have played the game of naming the “album” that served as the soundtrack of our youth. You know, the music that was the background as we came of age in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Top contenders always include “Rumors” by Fleetwood Mac; “Synchronicity” by the Police and “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

Yes, I am old. Like AARP old.

Not only do my kids not know what an “Album” is but I think they are being gypped in music memories as well.

What will be their soundtrack in 30 years?

Do people still make CD’s? I mean, I think I see them in Target but my kids NEVER purchase an entire CD. They download one song and listen to it 430 times a day through ear buds. This blocks the actual music so I am left listening to a weak Karaoke version of whatever song currently playing.

Maybe they won’t need a soundtrack because they will all be deaf.

We listened to our albums over and over as well. We didn’t skip a song all that often because you had to get up, lift the needle and then put it back down in just the right groove to begin the next song. Sometimes it took a couple of attempts to get the needle placed just right.

It was like surgery. If you nicked something, it was all over. An album never recovered from a scratch.

My kids just hit the little arrow and a new song appears. When you can be this fickle, songs become so lame so quickly. Usually the lamest songs are the songs that I like. Cue One Direction here.

For this generation, is it really going to come down to Pitbull? Will this be what they see when they look in their musical rear view mirror?

He is featured on every track on every CD that does not feature Rihanna—and some that do. Artists are always “featuring” someone. There is not enough space on the radio display for the 20 artists that collaborate on one really raunchy song.

And they are almost all raunchy songs.

I am not a prude but listening to the radio with my kids is like reading the Family Life packet over and over again in the car with no filter on the terms.

This just can’t be their soundtrack. It is just too dismal to contemplate.

I know that our music was good because it keeps coming back around. On the rare occasions that I sneak in 80’s or 90’s music the kids actually recognize riffs that were lifted and recorded in music today.

When I heard “Blurred Lines” for the first time, I picked up on the similarity to Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give it Up.” But what Marvin subtly suggested, Robin Thicke boldly embraced and added a goat to the video for good measure. It was the same yet so, so different.

It might be hopeless.

When “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey and “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi were resuscitated, it was a beautiful thing.

Finally, music that was relevant to multiple generations; but the luster wore off and we were back to Katy Perry and her x-rated “California Gurls” song and video. The vowel switch in the title should serve as a warning.

There is a tiny ray of hope in this musical mess. One look at Mac’s play list features Elvis. And a lot of country tunes. And Michael Buble. And the Beatles.

So, maybe, just maybe their soundtrack will be about choice. About having every kind of music at their fingertips and only remembering the ones that mean something. They won’t all be from the same artist or CD but the songs will speak to them in some way.

Just the way those dusty albums still speak to our generation every time we are lucky enough to reminisce.


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Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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