The Cup Runneth Over


We won. 

I know the score doesn’t indicate it. I know we won’t be moving on. But USA came out ahead in so many ways that the World Cup 2014 has been an unexpected gift to the American people.

Millions of Americans watched. Millions of Americans cheered. Millions of Americans simply believed. Believed in something good and rooted for the underdog. 

It turns out that our country is yearning to rally around something that does not compromise national security. That does not include a gun or a school or tragedy. That rings of bipartisanship. That just makes us happy.

We may be the land of the free but too often we have been imprisoned by the very privileges that liberty affords. When headlines are like daggers wounding the morale of our citizens, we rise up and unite against the foe.

It wears on a nation, this resiliency. 

So we seize the opportunity and embrace the primal, freeing aspect of the World Cup spectacle. The intricacies of the game may be new to many, but the fusion of finesse and grit are appreciated by all.

We gather around televisions, follow the headlines, learn players’ names and hope against hope we can pull off the improbable win. 

Because this event knows no socio-economic barriers, it is broadcast across every medium. Radios on construction sites, conference rooms in gleaming high rises, big screens in city parks and corner pubs. And the word GOAL—transformed into a minute long battle cry–translates in any language. 

It is a language we all speak. Something about the simplicity of a ball and an open field is so relatable. So basic. Sure, it is a war to the last tick of the clock but pride is the only casualty. 

Yet, pride is what we took away despite the outcome. The groundswell was nothing short of spectacular. And much like the country itself, the Men’s US Soccer team never gave up. Because they saw the possibilities, we did too. 

Thank you to these warriors who restored so much in the eyes of our nation and outside our borders as well.

We Believe. We believe that we will win


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Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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