Day 7, 2013

A rainy Sunday the week before school starts can be trouble. My kids are tired of each other and my kids are tired of me which leads to chronic complaining. Well, unless I have my wallet out in which case it is one big love-fest.

Just as modern technology has given kids more ways to entertain themselves, it has also given them more ways to complain. Mac and Drew both have taken to texting me with requests, directives, and complaints while they are in the house. Sometimes even in the same room.

I refuse to answer these via text because I want to show them how simple it is to just talk to someone. Well and to annoy them as they stare at their phone, waiting for a response. So, I just walk by and say “No” or “Maybe.” One time I found Mac in his room, walked in and said “LOL” and walked out.

The texting increases if we are in a crowd and they want to tell me something without saying it out loud. This is where the addition of Emojis is quite effective. For those that may not know, an Emoji is a little picture to emphasize or replace the words in a text.

Recently, Mac was anxious to get going from what was supposed to be a pop-in at my in-laws place at the beach. Miniature golf was in the offing and he wanted to go—now. So, he began texting me Emoji cars. Blue little cars all lined up and on the move, like we should have been.  I rolled my eyes from the opposite couch and again refused to acknowledge him via text.

As kids, we used to get in trouble if we yelled to each other from another room. We were branded as lazy for not getting up and seeking out the person we wanted and speaking to them at a respectable distance. I am starting to agree which of course means I am old, officially.

My kids love to hear stories of my deprived childhood. A world with no remote controls, satellite radio or movies in the car. One of their favorite tales is the way in which I came to have my own phone when I was a teen.

With no call waiting available back in the old days, no one in my house stood a chance of contact with the outside world because I was on the phone all the time. So, my parents presented me with a shiny, red princess phone for Christmas one year. I had my very own telephone number and a listing in the phone book and everything.

In the recounting, my kids always stop me at this point and ask what happened when you tried to call someone and they were on the phone. I then describe the busy signal for them and the look of pity on their faces is sincere.  Imagine, they think, a sad, sad world where you could not reach someone immediately.

I then continue and tell them about an incident that occurred when I was sick and stayed home from school. I thought I was so clever and called my mother on her telephone number in the kitchen from my telephone number in my room to make a request. I don’t remember if she honored the request, but I do know that I never did it again.

I don’t even recall having an answering machine as a kid. Today, if there is no answer on the house phone, you leave a message and hang up and call the cell phone. If you miss them on the cell phone, you leave a message there as well and then send a text. Like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, we will not be ignored.

But I am getting more adept at ignoring these incessant texts from my children. Yesterday, Drew texted me that we was “so bored.” You can thank me for not including the 14 “o’s” he put in the word so before sending it. As if the fact that he was texting me to convey this simple thought did not already signal his desperation.

So, I walked in his room, apologized to him being a horrible mother and not entertaining him more effectively and snatched his phone replacing it with a book due for summer reading.  Because there are some activities that stand the test of time and reading on a rainy, Sunday afternoon is one of them.









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Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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