Day 3, 2013

The Today show did an entire segment on how female astronauts wash their hair in space. This process, apparently, was a great source of curiosity among those who thirst for meaningless information. Undoubtedly, this woman was accomplishing some great things up in that space capsule but all we will ever take away from her journey is the vision of her hair standing on end like that of a… Trollz doll while she juggled a bottle of no rinse shampoo and a towel.

I was confused by the need for a towel while using no rinse shampoo. But since I got sucked up in the fact that Natalie Morales was trying to make the segment on the caliber of interviewing a world leader, nodding her head and furrowing her brow before issuing another hard hitting question like ”How often do you get to wash your hair in space?” perhaps I missed the explanation for the towel.

I knew this was just the beginning of the crazy sights I would be treated to for the day because the boys and I were headed to the Montgomery County Fair. Where else can one see a camel, cheese carving, toilet decorating, cows giving birth and the requisite funnel cake without leaving the city limits? The fair is 10 minutes from my house and a world away all at once.

We hit the jackpot in the weather department, as the day dawned sunny and cool; a mere 55 degrees when Murphy and I went out for a run. If you could go to the Fair without carrying 10 gallons of water with you to beat the heat and the exorbitant prices, it was a bonus beyond compare. Still I packed a bag with sliced strawberries, crackers, mini-bags of Oreos and a bottle of water for everyone. The one thing I didn’t do at the fair was have cash or pay for lunch. House rules and everyone knew it.

We took enough cash for the ride wrist band and one carnival game for each kid. There are stalls on the mid-way (that is carni lingo right there people) that take credit cards. You would be amazed how brazen your children will become in their willingness to approach vendors and inquire about credit card availability. A fried Oreo and ice cream are great motivators.

Today, however, we had a specific attraction at the Fair we were hitting first, the Art and Photography Pavilion. My very own Reed was a blue ribbon winner at the Fair with his art work and this momentous occasion had to be noted with oodles of photos and announcements on social media. Such is the burden of the 21st century mom. Reed submitted four pieces and placed for three of them, so it was impressive indeed.

We celebrated with our annual run through the “largest candy market” in the Pavilion across from art. I don’t remember how we stumbled into this Fair attraction, no one else I mention it to seems to know about it, but it is become a staple of the experience for us. And they take credit cards.

We then trekked through “The New Old McDonald’s Barn” where the camel was a huge hit and I am sure his photo was tweeted and retweeted as it was hump day and all. There was also a 2000lb Bovine who is sacred to the Hindu culture and listed as “very docile.” I don’t know that he was docile at all, I just think he is incapable of actually getting up from a laying position so appears to go with the flow.

Candy wrappers flew as we strolled along past the culmination of the pig races, the toilet decorated like a soccer field complete with cleats and head to the rides. The crowd swells as we moved closer to the ticket booth and I noted that this Fair is really like two separate events.

It is ironic that the most civilized part of the Fair is the section with the animals. Small children ooh and aah over the animals in their stalls. Cute bunnies hop on cue, lambs on leashes available for petting and fresh laid eggs in the poultry barn…what is there not to love? It is quiet save for the baa’s and brays of the animals.

Conversely, the carnival end of the Fair is stimulation overload. You don’t know which way to swivel to take it all in. The barkers besieged the boys the minute we arrived. The knowledge that they only had one game to make it all happen was stressful for them. I trailed as the group was assaulted over and over again, they hesitated slightly and then moved on. In the end, they each tried their hand at darts and won small prizes allowing them to focus on the rides.

I never purchase a wrist band because by the time we get to the ride portion of the experience, we are completely laden down with bags and freebies. So, I am relegated to lean on the flimsy metal rail of the ride as they go over and over again.

At least the music at the Fair is excellent. At one point near the giant swings, I hit a strong of 80’s hits and felt like it was a little gift from God for being so patient ride after ride. I took a moment to survey the crowd and noticed a number of moms “stand-dancing” to KC and The Sunshine Band. I was slightly embarrassed for them as they gyrated while tilting their head in the air to catch a glimpse of their kids on the ride. There is nothing appropriate to say in this situation so I shifted my gaze before “Dancing Queen” came on.

Oh, we saw it all at the Fair. An elderly woman on the arm of her husband in a silver sequined jacket and a long dress strolling like they were on a first date, folks sitting on the ground enjoying a meal right outside of the bathroom entrance, a child trying to lift the pants leg of the clown on stilts to reveal its secret to the world, Carni’s for Christ logos on trucks and more.

Five hours after we entered, fresh with the hope for the day, we emerged through the gates a little punchy, hot and tired from walking end to end several times. I said a silent prayer that the car we parked illegally at the adjoining shopping center had not been towed. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw it and we climbed in and I turned on the air full blast. I leaned in and put my face right into the vents to cool down and realized that the breeze was making my hair stand on end, just like that astronaut featured on The Today Show. See, the fair can really make you seem like you are on another planet



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Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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