Day 14, 2012

Tradition. Tradition is what connects cultures, faiths and generations of families that have never met and strings them together like buoys in a channel navigating a path to the open sea.

Our family has carried some traditions forth from those that came before us and some we have established ourselves. One of our favorite newer traditions is our annual trip to Brandy Hallow Farm for a camp out.

Brandy Hollow is a magical place just north of Frederick nestled in the mountains with a view of Harper’s Ferry and green rolling fields. A pond for swimming and canoing, a volleyball net, tire swing and wide expanses of space for playing make it a much-anticipated destination for the kids.

The family that owns this farm is generous enough to invite dozens of friends to descend on them with tents, tots, teens and trunk loads of food every summer. A menu is prepared in advance and everyone contributes to a huge pot luck meal. This year we gathered the last weekend in August and found it was the perfect way to bid farewell to summer and usher in a new school year.

The adults are tasked with grilling, building the perfect bon fire for S’mores, assembling sleeping quarters and leading fishing expeditions at the ponds edge. I am not sure if anyone ever catches a fish, but the pond begs for a line and bait so we gladly comply.

Kids of all ages come together here and no one argues or whines which confirms the magical quality that abounds. If only we could bottle that and take it down the mountain with us.

We catch up with old friends, sit for a spell and play corn toss by the fire after darkness falls. It is inevitably cool at night and the extra layer of a sweatshirt lends to the air of Fall approaching. It is a tease for the vivid colors of the approaching season while leaving us yearning for summer all at the same time.

The night’s fire is replaced with a smoking griddle in the morning and the early risers are treated to the smell of pancakes, bacon and eggs. A real farmer’s feast. Some sit around the table, some dismantle tents, some enjoy long slumber in the fresh, country air.

And that is the beauty of the Farm, everyone gets what they want or need. With no schedule or expectations, the weekend unfolds at a lazy pace unseen in the world outside Brandy Hollow. And for that, I am grateful for the tradition of it.

As I end this blog for the summer of 2012, I hope it becomes a tradition as well. I hope it stands the test of time so my children can look back and enjoy it years from now and see through the humor and lunacy and find the love in each post.

I know this last entry is not funny and light-hearted like most but, traditionally, the new season allows for reflection. And I am, if nothing else, a sucker for tradition.


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Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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