Day 11. 2012

When you have three boys, it only takes a non-second before you have six boys and so on and so on like the old Faberge shampoo commercial from the 80’s. Which is how I ended up at the Rockville Municipal Pool with eight boys.

The pool was virtually empty with everyone, presumably, out shopping for school supplies. I have absolutely no memories of back-to-school shopping as a child. There were no requests for giant tubs of Clorox wipes. We just left those germs right on our desks day after day and no one died or developed flesh-eating bacteria as a result. We ate lunch in our classroom every day and brought in not one roll of paper towels or napkins. I probably showed up with two pencils, one pen that was not erasable and a spiral notebook.

I would shop for supplies eventually, but today I was chilling at the pool. Well, if chilling was possible with eight boys. I strategically picked a spot with a view of the pool, slide and diving boards so I could track everyone and provide the proper “ooh’s” and “aahs” for any required watching.

Just applying sunscreen on that many bodies was exhausting and I collapsed in the lounge chair after everyone had scattered. I popped right back up though when I surveyed the mess surrounding me. Eight t-shirts strewn about. Eight sets of slides or flip-flops littered the area between the grass and pool’s edge. Knapsacks and bags with items spilling out lay abandoned. Add to that my stash of beach bag, snack bag and cooler and you had the equivalent of the new neighbors that moved in and parked their Buick on the front lawn.

I condensed our presence to a respectable level and sat down again satisfied that swimmers no longer had to step over our belongings to get to the slide. I applied suntan lotion and settled in. No other mom was joining me, I had forgotten my book in the chaos of departure from home and I was free to just relax with my own thoughts. Well, if relaxing with your own thoughts was possible with eight boys.

Exactly one minute later, the hourly rest period was called and everyone trooped back to our camp. I sat up and offered up the snack bag. I had pretzels, crackers, individual snack sized bags of Sour Patch Jelly Beans and a cooler filled with water. Of course, the mention of jelly beans started a frenzy and they were gone before the life-guard had time to descend from his perch for said rest period.

The boys wandered off and left me to again survey the damage. All of the knapsacks were again spread everywhere and were now joined by towels and empty snack size zip lock bags. I rearranged the towels to dry and picked up the plastic bags and walked over to the trash can ironically placed two feet from where we sat.

The announcement for end of break came just as I repositioned my chair to face the sun and the diving board as that was where everyone had gathered. I closed my eyes and could hear the boys voices as they dared and cajoled each other. This was perfect. A friend for each of the boys and an extra or two and peace and quiet for me. Well, if peace and quiet was possible with eight boys.

I looked at my watch. We had already been here an hour. Wow. That went by quickly. Yesiree, here I was all by myself, sort of. I slid off my sunglasses so I didn’t get racoon eyes, adjusted my towel and looked at my watch. We had now been here for an hour and five minutes. Maybe being sort of alone with my thoughts, with peace and quiet and chilling were not all they were cracked up to be.

In my 20’s I could lie in the sun for hours and my only thought involved when to roll over. I had no stress, snack bags full of jelly beans or boys to monitor. Well, I guess I did have boys to worry about but that is another blog for another day. The older I get, the harder it is to just let my mind wander because it always seemed to lead to a mental to-do list. What fun is that?

My pack of swimmers had migrated to the slide and were devising games and races just as they announced another break. The entire fifteen minute respite was filled with requests. A basketball for the hoops just inside the gate which we did not have. Money for the snack bar which we did not have. Other drink options besides boring water which we did not have. I made a silent plea for more patience which I did not have.

I informed the boys that we had one hour left before football commitments would force an exit. I texted the other moms for pick-up arrangements and times and shifted my chair ever so slightly to follow the sun. I vowed to think of nothing and enjoy the moment. I heard the boys on the slide and the Ipod of the impossibly thin and unencumbered young woman next to me. She was probably going to text her friends about my pathetic life later on and make a group pact to never let “that” happen to them.

The next thing I hear is a phone ringing off in the distance. I snorted a little and sat up with a start and realized that I had been asleep and it was my phone. Another sure sign that you are not in your 20’s any more. The well of energy is seriously depleted and you nod-off with bouts of narcolepsy at the drop of a hat. I touched my mouth and was relieved that there was no drool involved and answered my phone. It was one of the pick-up moms and we reconfirmed arrangements.

By my watch, I was asleep for a mere 10 minutes but now I felt horrible. I needed to either curl up in the fetal position and sleep for another couple of hours or get up and walk; preferably all the way to Starbucks. I did neither. I just sat on the lounge chair sideways and stared into space until the last whistle blew. Turned out my mind could drift after all.

We gathered our belongings to leave and I was convinced people left the country for extended stays with less stuff than we currently had. The boys ran ahead of me screaming and snapping their towels at each other. I just wanted to get out of there without being any more of a spectacle. Well, if it was possible not to be a spectacle with eight boys.


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Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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