Day 2, 2012

It was 6am and the dog was anxious to show me how neglected he had been during my brief, intense illness. What he didn’t realize, being a dog and all, is that it was too early for sympathy from me. I had been up with Drew and Reed at various turns during the night with ear aches, congestion and general angst. Because the dog gets disoriented during the night and is prone to growling at anyone who approaches me, the kids hang in the bedroom doorway whisper-shouting their dilemma to me until I get the dog to settle back down. Once he realizes it is one of the kids, he then jumps up and begins licking them and everyone is fully awake.

I usually take the dog for a 45-minute outing at 6am at the latest, so his body alarm was right on target. Unfortunately, my body was revolting, having survived on ice chips and three sips of Gatorade for the last 24-hours. I managed to swing my legs over the side of the bed much to the dog’s delight and threw back on the clothes I laid around in the day before. I simply did not have the energy to dig through my luggage or drawers to find something to wear. I stopped short of doing the math on the date of my last shower. I didn’t care if I smelled or looked disheveled and my hope was that my appearance would scare away anyone tempted to chat with me.

My logic worked because we saw no one, and surprisingly, nary an animal crossed our path on our brief walk. I had entered into new territory. Offending wild-life had to be some kind of earth-shattering, non-hygienic record.

My house had taken a serious hit in my absence and I walked over and checked the lid on the trash can. It appeared to be functioning perfectly, yet the table and counters were littered with wrappers and paper plates. Apparently, I have to be in the room for the trash can to work. It was also obvious that Doritos are now a food group with a chaser of Nutri-Grain bars and Fresca. My stomach did a little somersault and I was suddenly exhausted.

It was 7am so I committed to doing one solid hour of housework before I could sit down again. After emptying and wiping down three coolers, putting food away in the pantry and cleaning out the beach bag I looked at the clock. It was only 7:20. So I made a new deal with myself. I could sit down for five minutes if I found myself working at a super efficient pace. Compared to the day before, I was the model of efficiency so I collapsed. The leather felt cool on my skin as I leaned my head back in the chair.

I snorted a little and woke myself a brief ten minutes later and marveled at my ability to fall into REM so quickly. I was not only sick but I could possibly be getting old. Only one of these conditions is temporary. Reed was staring at me looking slightly concerned although I think it was probably his body shutting down as a result of his diet.

I made bagels for everyone and woke Mac up about 9am for his appointment at the doctor for a sports physical. I was hopeful that the physical included no questions regarding eating habits and nibbled on a slice of toast as a tester meal before we headed out.

The nurse handed a clip board to Mac with a lengthy questionnaire regarding personal and family history. I stared in amazement at how clean this Rightime clinic was and felt slightly guilty that we were bringing in contaminants. I flicked a piece of dog hair off my t-shirt as Mac handed me the clip board. He had only answered a handful of questions. Several are family history but there are others that he clearly knows the answer to.

I berated him for not answering the broken bone and smoking questions but he insisted that he only remembers things from the age of five years old and on. According to him, anything could have happened in that blank slate between birth and his fifth birthday. I was too weak to argue but realized that I could not actually read the clipboard without my bifocals. That moment was revenge personified as Mac was forced to read every question to me and wait for me to check off the answer before moving on to the next.

Mac was declared healthy and I declared that it was time for a Diet Coke. It was only 11am and I was losing ground physically. We headed home where Drew and Reed were playing with friends outside. I savored my Big Gulp knowing that the shot of caffeine would give me the boost I needed. I carried bags upstairs, checked emails, picked up our mail from the neighbors and made myself another piece of toast.

It was now noon and I decided to tackle my own unpacking. I walked in the room and felt a gravitational pull toward the bed. I laid down for just a minute to regroup. A brief six hours after my day started, I was in a deeper sleep than I had been the night before and Murphy, being a dog and all, was content to be right there next to me.


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Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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