Dear Apple Executives,
Good evening, or well I guess it’s morning now. It’s 3am to be exact. Everyone in my house is asleep. Visions of sugar plums and PlayStation3 no doubt dance in their heads. Yet here I am, typing this by the blue orb of the computer screen and the flickering lights of the battery operated Christmas candles that lasted exactly six hours before they became a dull, ugly glow. I would replace the batteries but they were little teeny tiny Lithium discs that were immediately used as hockey pucks for my boys’ Lego guys and have since disappeared.
Anyway, where was I?
I am not sure if you take suggestions for applications from everyday folks but I am at the end of my rope. So, I am contacting you. You see, I was so proud of myself for beginning the odyssey of Christmas shopping in October. I have been grabbing discounts and stashing away presents for months. End of season deals were not lost on me as I stowed away summer clearance items for family and friends while crossing off that to-do list!
Incredibly organized of me, wasn’t it?
Yes, in theory. But all that dashing and doing and stashing and stowing has actually left me more disorganized. Sometimes I carefully selected a safe spot for my holiday loot. Others times, I just threw the bags in the nearest available crevice before anyone could catch on to what I was doing. Hiding three oversized, NFL licensed pillow pets is no small feat on the fly. With three sets of adolescent prying eyes, nowhere was safe really. So, I was winging it most of the time.
Now it is time to unearth all these treasures for wrapping and receiving and most of them are MIA. Gone. Vanished. Kaput.
I have been looking in all the logical places for hours now. I got re-energized at midnight after warming up some coffee from the morning and digging into the baking supply of Hershey Kisses. Fueled by stale caffeine and sugar I found all kinds of things. I found the ugly Christmas sweater that my son needed for his school contest a week ago. I found the baptism frame that I bought last June for a friend that I tucked away to get engraved when the time came. I found leftover M&M candy wedding favors from my reception 15 years ago that had literally turned to dust.
What I did not find were all of my Christmas presents.
And that brings me to you. Creating an app called “Hiding Christmas” would allow me to keep a list of all my hiding places locked in my phone. Password protection would ensure that no one else could access it. You would literally be saving me from my highly organized self.
I wrote a few hiding spots down on a post-it note right after Thanksgiving. I can picture it in my head. It was hot pink and had the words “Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts” on the top. I will probably find that piece of paper by Martin Luther King’s birthday as I remember stuffing it into the tin foil drawer when someone walked into the kitchen. That was the last time I saw it.
About the same time I last saw my sanity. Please, Apple executives, consider this simple request. If I ever find the new Iphone I bought my husband, I will pay any price to down load that application.
Maureen M. Stiles


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Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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