Day Fifteen

Once again, I took advantage of football practice to squeeze in a training walk. After a day of errands with the boys and fighting everyone to get them out the door to football, I was looking forward to the solitude of a long walk. I needed to put in at least five miles and I forgot my ipod. I could actually envision it on the kitchen counter, all charged and ready with nowhere to go.
Walking alone for long distances is one thing, walking alone for long distances without an ipod is another. I am always so anxious for peace and quiet, I should have been totally psyched. This would be a very good thing.
This was bad. Within the first mile, I could hear my heart rate increasing as well as my breathing. “Is that what I sound like?” I thought to myself. I was walking pretty fast but I became obsessed with how I sounded to the numerous people passing by which of course made me slow down. I was on a schedule, timing the walk to coincide with practice so slowing down was not an option.
I decided to let my mind drift. Then, I would be so preoccupied with my thoughts that I wouldn’t notice my breathing, my pace would stay consistent and the time would fly. Okee Dokee. I knew those thoughts would start coming any second. One foot in front of the other. Alrightee. Yup, had a lot to think about.
Mark is a runner. What does he think about when he sets out for ten or more miles? He probably thinks about how I should vacuum more or about work. I’d seen his mind drift time and time again as I talked to him, so I knew he was a pro. I made a mental note to ask about this, but then realized he would probably tune me out.
Wow, a dead raccoon on the side of the road. Is that the same one I saw on Saturday when I came through? I wondered whose job it is to get the animals off the roads. I really respect those guys. It’s one of those things that we take for granted but someone out there is really in charge of roadkill every day.
I passed the grocery store and thought that is really where I needed to be right then if dinner was going to be a reality. I tried to get a mental picture of the refrigerator. Nothing. Then I tried conjuring up the pantry. Nada. Mom had cleaned out and reorganized both and I was completely lost. The only items I remembered seeing after her project were five containers of half filled ranch dressing in the fridge and an open bag of chocolate chips that the kids had apparently been sneaking for months, leaving a trail scattered on the shelves and in various baskets. It all looked beautiful and endeared mom all the more to Mark, but it left me completely out of my element. I decided that there must be pasta in there somewhere, problem solved.
As I turned on Gude Drive a loud horn sounded and I pivoted to watch a car slam on it’s breaks in the merge lane. I pondered why drivers in the right lane are always so surprised to see someone trying to merge with them I am not sure of the actual definition of the word merge but I know it has to do with blending and mixing. So, the folks in the right lane should at least be willing to mix and mingle with the folks in the merge lane, right? Speed up, slow down, move over, whatever just let them merge.
Oooh the woods are dark on this stretch. Always have an escape plan, they say So, I imagined what I would do if an animal or stranger jumped out at me. Instead, I remembered running in the pre-dawn darkness with a girlfriend one time and having a deer dart out of the woods next to us. She immediately pushed me right out onto a four lane divided road. I guess that was her escape plan but it really didn’t help me much. Well that was one advantage of running alone, I concluded, you only had to have an escape plan for yourself.
Once I had safely passed the trees without incident, I realized I was almost back at the practice field. I could faintly hear the whistle since I had no music to filter out the noise. I slowed my pace as I made my way down the path to the field. That wasn’t so bad, I thought. I wouldn’t want to make it a habit, but I survived without itunes to distract me. As I stretched on the grass, my mind turned to the rest of the agenda for the evening.
I still had to drive to the later practice and pick up Drew, find the pasta I was hoping we actually had and cook it and put in an hour or so for work. Even without the exercise I could feel my breathing starting to pick up again. One foot in front of the other, I cautioned myself, and let it come.


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Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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