Day Thirteen

Saturday morning football practice is tough. I am not sure if it is worse for me or for my athletes. I am the one who has to endure the whining and employ bribery all before 8am. Yet, they are the ones who have to slap on all that equipment and hit the field for two hours.
Reed and Drew looked enviously at Mac, facedown sleeping in his bed, as they passed by his room on the way downstairs to dress, eat and leave for practice by 8:15. They would get no sympathy from their Dad who had been gone since 6:15 for an extended bike ride on the Capital Crescent Trail. I never get sympathy from anyone so I am really no help at all.
The boys practiced at fields about half a mile apart and I took advantage of the two hour window and clocked five miles on a training walk. Okay, so now I liked Saturday morning football. I don’t think the kids have had a change of heart, though, and Reed looked miserable when I walked back to get him.
His coach, being a rock star, sensed that eight year-olds need a concrete reason to embrace Saturday morning practice. He offered a free Italian Ice to anyone who met him at the shopping center down the street. At 10:30 in the morning, ice cream is an unimaginable treat. Reed didn’t even wait for me, he hopped in the car with his coach as I trailed behind them.
One ice cream cone (yes the coach bought them whatever they wanted) later, Drew was also finished with practice and I had promised him Dunkin Donuts at 7:45am as part of the pre-practice bribery. By my calculations, Reed would have had his entire day’s allotment of sugar before lunch time. With a dried chocolate rim surrounding his lips, Reed asked for a bacon, egg and cheese on a croissant as well as a double chocolate donut. I opted to get a dozen donuts to feed my mom and Mac at home, Mark after his ride and my sister, Maria, when she visited in a few hours. The great thing about donuts? They taste good all day. Drew asked for an everything bagel with cream cheese, hash browns plus a drink and I rounded it out with a Coffee Coolata. The people behind us in line didn’t like us– we were sweaty and long winded– but the cash register did as we racked up the equivalent of a car payment.
There is something really embarassing about walking along with a Dunkin Donuts bag that is big enough to hold a body. Especially in work out clothes. I looked like a total fraud, albeit a fraud who was really looking forward to her donut.
Spurred by the combination of a large coffee drink and a chocolate donut, I ran errands and even managed to cajole the boys into performing chores. They were anxious for my sister’s arrival so the chores were a good distraction but as with everything these days, it just gave the kids something new to fight about. So, I kicked them outside which was probably their strategy all along.
Maria finally got to the house after encountering slow traffic. She and mom were tasked with entertaining the boys so Mark and I could have an uninterrupted date. We left to go out while the group was preparing to leave to walk off their dinner. I told Mark over dinner that I was worried that the boys seemed a little apathetic about Maria’s visit. They barely noticed her arrival which was unusual since they adore her.
We enjoyed a quiet night and mom was still awake when we came in. Apparently, the boys had been saving all their enthusiasm for date night with their ladies. They showed their grandmother and aunt all the high points of the neighborhood and ended up being gone alot longer than expected.
The kids told me as much the next morning, Drew glowing as he recounted their adventures. In that moment, it occured to me that the walk with Maria and my mom was the highlight of their day and the sweetest treat of all.


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Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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