Day Ten

When I woke up yesterday I wanted to shout from the rooftops, “The cavalry is coming, the cavalry is coming.” My mom was arriving in a few hours. Another adult to talk to. Another cook in the kitchen. Another body to referee. Most importantly another person that loved me and my children and wouldn’t judge the incessant bickering and drama among us.
Unfortunately, it also meant we had a lot of work ahead in order to clear space for her to live in for a week. Our basement office doubles as a spare room with a pull-out and a separate bathroom. Since I had basically camped out in the office for the weekend while I fixed the computer (I literally ate two meals in front of the computer Sunday) it was a daunting task.
The excitement of having a buffer for an entire week gave me super-human strength and focus. Providing a shot of adrenaline akin to the stories you read about people inexplicably being able to lift cars off small children in one fell swoop. Finishing up I looked around, used saliva to clean a food spot left on the desk, and prepared to leave for the airport. The website said her flight was not only on time but was arriving a few minutes early.
Having spent a tremendous amount of time in the car with my kids over the last two weeks, I have threatened to pull over numerous times for fighting and throwing, re-enforced the seat assignment schedule that we finally had to tape to the back of the driver’s seat so everyone could see it and also answered a litany of questions. Some of my favorites are:

Drew: “Are your eyes open?”
Me: Yes Drew they are. If the car is moving and I am in the driver’s seat you should always assume my eyes are open. Unless I am praying for patience, in which case they are only closed momentarily.”

Reed: “Can I play in the NBA? I think I was born to play in the NBA.”
Me: I am thinking that you were born to repeat “Mom” a million times a day and then have nothing to say when I say “what” in return. But if that is your dream honey then go for it. Dreams are good. I know because I used to have them back when I slept through the night.”

Reed (again): “Why is the thumb out there all by itself on your hand?”
Me: Reed, I know you are obsessed with the thumb and it’s lowly place on your hand. But as I’ve explained before, the thumb doesn’t know anything different, it always been stuck out there at the end of your hand, so it is happy there. Really.

So, you can understand why I didn’t really react when Reed started saying something about a helicopter flying next to us on the way home from the airport. He says a lot of crazy things. Yet, as my mom and I looked to the right, there was a Park Police helicopter even with the car flying along the Potomac. And to up the ante, there were two guys perched in the open door with their feet dangling down.
This was big. This was not just nonsense. What if we had happened upon a water rescue and I could provide live footage to Fox 5?
So, I careened over to the first Scenic Overlook on the GW Parkway and we all hopped out. As we hopped over the retaining wall and shimmied down the path, the helicopter made another pass and the officers were still sitting there ready to spring into action.
Mac took a picture with his phone while I made sure that mom was surviving all the commotion and that my flip flops had survived the trip down to the ledge.
As we waited for the helicopter to come back, reality started to set in. “They were going awfully fast for a rescue,” I think to myself. And, I realized that the Park Police Headquarters is about a mile up the road.
This was most likely a training exercise that they execute routinely. They could run such a drill every day at 2:30 and we would have no idea because we are hunkered down miles away in Maryland.
I gently broke it to the kids that I think we just saw some training and there probably wasn’t a real emergency afterall. Which I stressed was good news because that meant no one was hurt. And we got a cool picture.
We lumber back up the hill and climb in the car, feeling sheepish. I have always wanted to stop at one of those Scenic Overlooks anyway, so I can cross that off the bucket list. Score!
As we pulled out of the lot, the boys immediately started fighting about who saw the helicopter first. Just as I was going to threaten to take the boys and leave them at the Park Police Headquarters we were passing, mom jumped in with a distraction. The fighting stopped. I continue driving with a sigh of relief because the cavalry arrived just in time.


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Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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