Day Nine

Thanks to Groupon and a heads up from my sister-in-law, we bought discounted tickets for Adventure Park outside Frederick in May. We finally settled on yesterday to get my kids and their cousins together for a day of fun. Well, three hours of fun anyway per the restrictions on the Groupon
We were set to meet at 11am. By my guestimate, it would take us about 45 minutes to get there. So, I hustled the kids down the street to do their dog walking while I packed the car. Having never unpacked the car from the fair the day before gave me the edge of having a tote bag filled with snacks and the camera already in the hatch. I added a few towels and dry clothes for the watergun boat ride and swung down the block to pick up the boys.
While I idled waiting for them, I attempted to punch the address for the park in the navigation system. After typing in the street name, I got an error message saying there is no such address in Germantown Md. So, I reset the city to New Market, Md and tried again this time spelling out the street West Baldwin instead of using W. Baldwin. Still nothing. Then I tried to use the Point of Interest function. I entered “Adventure” and it defaulted to Adventure Boats which apparently is also in New Market. Then, Mac got in on the action and just randomly started hitting buttons to ensure that my head exploded before we left the neighborhood.
After banging my head against the steering wheel a few times, I had sufficiently alarmed Mac enough that he backed off. I exited from the navigation system and started again. I still couldn’t tell you what I did differently, but this time it took. I put it in drive and the navigation lady with the annoying voice took over.
We had gotten about a mile from home when I realized that the credit card I needed was in the back pocket of the pants that I had worn on date night Saturday night. Again, not carrying a purse came back to bite me. Now I not only needed to remember what I wore, I needed to find it in the mound of clothes that I was going to put away as soon as I had a spare minute between fixing the computer and driving the kids all over Maryland. All of that notwithstanding, I needed to go back and get it.
I made a quick right into a neighborhood that provided a short-cut back to our house which threw the annoying navigation lady into a tizzy. She kept barking “In one fourth of a mile, make a legal u-turn” and “Recalculating, route.” I ignored her repeated entreaties until we pulled up at the front door and I could shut the engine off and her as well. After locating the pants and grabbing the credit card, I realized all three boys were now out of the car. one was in the bathroom, another wanted a book and Mac was just milling around mumbling about how late we were.
Back on the road we were a mere twenty minutes behind schedule. The annoying navigation lady didn’t care what time it was, she was just happy to have us “proceeding on the highlighted route.” There is a chance that I exceeded some speed limits but we arrived forty minutes later.
Adventure Park should really be called Adventure Acre. So, if you are comparing it to say Hershey Park, there really is no comparison. It only has five rides including a roller coaster you can see from the highway. As we pulled in, we watched a group ascend the first hill and then swoop back down with hands in the air.
Once inside, the boys quickly found their two cousins and it is a reunion I can never get enough of. These boys only live 45 minutes from each other but don’t see each other often enough. It is a mutual love affair.
That love extended right to the arcade as well. The indoor games are not included in the wrist band to everyone’s dismay.
Once everyone started to scatter, including my sister-in-law who brought along a friend and her daughter, I realized that small was not necessarily a bad thing. I could stand almost anywhere and see all of my kids. The roller coaster overlooked the go-kart track which was next to the water-gun boats and the miniature golf course. As the only one not sanctioned to ride anything, I was the official photographer and bag holder for the group.
After endless trips on the go-kart track, seventeen (yes they counted) rides on the roller coaster and a surprise visit from our friends the Schriers our three hours were almost up. Somehow they even pirated a ride for me on the roller coaster as well. No one had anything to eat or drink the entire three hours we had been there. If we had been home, they would’ve been raiding the pantry out of boredom every five minutes. I was liking this little park more and more!
After a round of miniature golf, which Drew also managed to sneak me into, we took one last group photo and headed to the car. Sweaty, tired and suddenly ravenous I kept the kids at bay by promising a McDonalds meal was a mere five minutes away.
We basically ordered the left side of the menu– and the best diet coke I ever tasted– before getting back on the highway. We backtracked on our way out and as we passed the park we spied the roller coaster at its highest point. Just then the annoying navigation lady kicked back in because the system was still activated. “Resume route guidance or enter destination,” she commanded. I disabled the navigation, grabbed a french fry and enjoyed the silent ride home.


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Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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