Day Six

I had high hopes for Saturday. Training walk during Drew’s football practice, the “Chalk the Deck” event at the pool and date night.
Drew woke up at 8am complaining of a headache and nausea. So, I let him skip practice and just walked from home.
Unfortunately, fifteen minutes after I set out, it began pouring. I had on a white shirt, no cover for my Ipod and sunglasses. A total amateur. I persevered knowing it may rain during the Komen walk and came home an hour and half later wet, exhausted and with one toe bleeding.
I changed, stretched, put on a bandaid and chilled. Drew, having experienced a miraculous recovery, was outside with Reed and five other boys dodging rain drops. I didn’t know if anyone was still chalking the pool deck but it seemed too futile to even consider.
So, for the first time in recent history, I just sat in a chair. I watched a news story about a raging fire whose smoke was making its way into Maryland. That got me thinking about what I would grab if I had five minutes in a fire.
I’ve played the Desert Island Game but never thought about what would be critical in a quick dash out of the house. Here is what I concluded:

1. The Kids: First, I would make sure the kids were out. We have a plan to meet at a tree but I have given them no tools to actually escape their two story windows to get to said tree. I made a mental note to buy escape ladders for all of us, figure out where to store ladders and go over plan again.

2. My Wallet: I don’t carry a purse unless I am trying to appear fancy, so my wallet is pretty elusive. It could be in the car, my work bag, under a pile of magazines on the kitchen counter or the pocket of the last coat I had on. I realized that I could waste precious moments and oxygen looking for my wallet which is always empty anyway.

3. My Keys: See number 2 above. Repeat.

4. Important Documents: I only added this one because I felt like I should. All our documents can be replaced. No one has a passport because we never go any where because I can’t find my keys and wallet. I realize how much of our lives can be located on a computer hard drive which of course the nice man at Dell says is no longer functioning or storing anything.

I rack my brain…what else…what else. I can think of nothing. So this is good, right? I am not attached to things. All I need is my kids and possibly my empty wallet and keys to move forward.
Then I realize, I forgot Mark. I mean, I didn’t forget him exactly I just didn’t put him on the list. I assume he has his own list because he has a list for everything. Then I wonder, am I on his list? I must ask this at date night because clearly, this is important information.
Just then Reed and Drew and the troop of young boys clomp in from outside with soggy shoes and appetites. They all scrap to be the first one in the pantry for food and drinks.
As the hubbub rouses me from my thoughts, I realize my time would be better spent putting out the fires that are right here.


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Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

Magnificence in the Mundane

Finding humor in kids and chaos is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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